Mulu Trip

Mulu Trip with Sister Club LC of Bagan
Date: 5.11.09 to 9.12.09
A contingent of 46 number went with the trip.

For details on Mulu Trip, kindly refer to the attachment! Thank you

20th Anniversary Celebration(III)

20th Anniversary Celebration(II)

Another meeting was held last night i.e. 17-11-2009 at the Club's Secretariate. A good turn up. Last Minutes were read and followed up to check the progress. Sub-committee presented their respective reports. O.C. Ln Roland Chieng & Ln Joseph Yong led all to process the detail. Imputs were put in by all attendants. Ideas were shared among all concerned on the preparatory works.
The meeting lasted for a solid 3 hours. All were exhausted after the adjournment but at the heart, being assured of another long day works all with a view to make the celebration a better one. With the 20th anniversary fast approaching, Club President thanks for all efforts put in and urged all to keep up the good work.

20th Anniversary Celebration(I)

As The Celebration for 20th Anniversary is fast approaching i.e. 4-8th December, 2009, the organising committee headed by 1st Vice Lion Roland Chieng held a meeting on 10-11-09 @ 7:30 pm to discuss the preparation works so far. We urge all members to come forward to participate and get involved as the 20th anniversary is meant for all members. A dinner will be held on 4-12-09, followed by trip to Mulu Cave with sister club from Bagan. A magazine will be published to record the event. Next meeting will be on 17-11-09.

The OC for the celebration is Ln. Roland Chieng.

Donation to Fire Victims @ Rantau Panjang

Date: 20/10/2009
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Rantau Panjang
Expenses: RM 200 per club
Clubs involved: Region 2 Lions Clubs

Member Fellowship Night- Oct, 2009

40 members and spouses turned up for monthly Fellowship Dinner held at Li Hua Hotel on 29-10-09 @ 7pm to 9:30pm. We celebrated Lions birhtdays between January to June. This is to foster closer relation among members and their spouses.
The dinner was hosted by Ln Hu Yu Siong at the costs of RM1,500.00.

Region 2 Diabetes Awareness - Health Screening

Date: 01 Nov 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 8.00 am - 11.00 am

Venue: Sibu Central Market

Sponsor: RX Pharma Sdn Bhd

OC: Joseph Yung (LC of Sibu Mandarin)

We managed to screen 300 person and around 22 person referred to Hospital Sibu due to high Glucose Test.

*This project is Jointly Organized with Diabetes Association Sibu (Persatuan Diabetis Malaysia Sibu).

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